We all have a story. Mine is well-travelled and truly lived to the max.
Speaking professionally, I’m a Breathwork and Meditation Teacher, Personal Wellness Coach, Writer, and Sport Massage Therapist.
I’ve co-authored ‘The Power of Yoga For Men’ published in July 2022. It’s been an awesome professional and personal experience to bring a book to life with the guidance of Bloomsbury Publishing.
I formerly worked as Tina Turner’s Personal Wellness Coach on her final world tour. Miss Turner is an inspiration. She taught me that the ingredients to success are to know your craft, work hard, be true to yourself and be kind.
My work passions are writing & concept creation which are realised in my career assisting others with their positive mental and physical health.

My specialties include:
Breathwork & Meditation Teaching
Personal Fitness
Dietary Planning
Massage Therapy
Lifestyle Coaching
Creative Strategising


breathwork & meditation

It all begins with breath.

Developing your awareness of breath and connecting to your breathing is fundamental to your health and happiness.

I teach techniques to calm your mind and relax your body as I guide you into your breath, your inner world of peace, connection and wellbeing.

Some breathing exercises are fast, deep and dynamic which increases oxygen and warms up your body to create a true feeling of aliveness.
Meditation is something you already know. You’re simply tapping into ‘conscious awareness’, the awareness of being aware.
Guided meditation is a brilliant way to deep dive into you. As you access your inbuilt GPS you’ll locate thoughts, emotions, creativity and learn to ‘simply let it go’.
A daily meditation practice regulates the stress hormone cortisol, strengthens creative processing and develops your ability to focus on the most important things - your personal health and wellbeing.

personal fitness

As a functional and strength trainer I create bespoke programs for your individual needs. My years of experience incorporate strength training, TRX cables, yoga flow and essential stretching techniques to avoid injury.


We all need someone who will truly ‘listen’ to us with pure objectivity and honesty.

Beginning a new wellness plan takes personal courage, commitment, structure and a lightheartedness toward your self and goals.

Living your best life happens right here, right now - that’s your first coaching tip.


‘The Power of Yoga For Men’ (published by Bloomsbury Publishing), written by myself and my fellow brother in all things health and wellness.
Buy a copy, message me with the word Boomshankar, and I will happily hop on a call with you to chat about the power of yoga in your daily life.
“We’re living in extraordinary times, which means you have to be extraordinary in how you take care of yourself in mind, body and soul.”

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