Who I Am

I have worked in the Health and Wellness industry for many years, and had the pleasure of meeting people from every walk of life, this has enabled me a multi-disciplined approach toward assisting my clients individual needs, and them achieving their desired goals.

I trained as a sport and remedial massage therapist at Sydney’s acclaimed Nature Care College, Australia’s leading natural therapy college. After completing my studies at Nature Care I furthered my interests in health and fitness and studied exercise science at the Australian Institute of Fitness.

The experience of a lifetime ” fell upon me ” in 2008 when Tina Turner employed me as her Personal Wellness Coach for her 50th Anniversary World Tour of 2008/09. My love of travel, architecture, art, exercise, health, creativity, people, spirituality, and of course my work itself,  was all fantastically combined as Tina’s wellness coach. 

I have worked with many people from the creative fields, to city folk, to the keen to be fit and fabulous. I enjoy working exclusively with those bright and beautiful sparks who texture the human fabric of London life.

I operate my training and massage business in West London.

I believe a human life is like our Universe, in a constant state of evolution.

It is up to the individual to realise their place in time and master the positive role they play in their personal growth and development, I’m here to assist, so let’s go for it!


More recently, I co-founded Wellness Warrior with Caleb Packham. Based primarily in London, Wellness Warrior is a platform for sharing the ancient practice and philosophy of Sattva Yoga for the modern-day man.

Caleb Jude Packham and I secured a book deal with Bloomsbury Publishing to write a guy-friendly guide for yoga newbies - released spring 2022 - entitled THE POWER OF YOGA FOR MEN, a beginner’s guide to building strength, mental clarity and emotional fitness.