Personalised fitness prescription caters to your individual needs and challenges, this will increase your positive results and decrease time wastage.

Training in a private studio offers a comfortable exclusivity keeping your training sessions focused and fun.

Outdoor training is a must and is a fantastic way to keep you fit, challenged and refreshed.


Food lifestyle planning is made easy by monitoring your eating habits and defining clear guidelines.

Weekly check ins are a great way to keep you motivated, aware and honest of your nutritional intake.

Food coaching will absolutely give you positive results, a healthy body is a healthy mindset and having someone to keep you on track creates a healthier lifestyle .


Massage can be designed for specific remedial purposes or simply to connect You to your whole Being. Therapeutic Massage is light to touch with smooth, flowing strokes.

Sports Massage is deep with specific pressure applied to different areas of your body to release tight and shortened muscles, joint mobilisation and stretching of your muscles will lengthen and re-energise you.

Remedial Massage is also a deep and specific technique which is applied as part of a rehabilitation program from injury or postural imbalance.