I, Me, My, Self

Ever peered into the looking glass and wondered who you really are? Personal identity and authentic living are essential for the modern Integrated Man and Woman, take another look and you will see that you are all and one as I, Me, My, Self.

Wake The Funk Up

Being wakeful enables you to approach each days meaningful challenges with gusto, it’s meaningless chores are completed quickly, and ultimately ensures that you have the rhythm of being Alive dancing through your veins; rub the fairy dust from those sleepy eyes and wake the Funk up.


We all walk our individual life path, well, some of us run, yet we all sing the tune of thyself; follow your instincts and trust those inner thoughts and dreams, your songlines to life provide the path to your destiny and success.

Gangrene Foot, Shadow On Lung, And A Heart Murmur

Walking along a darkened path late last night, not a brilliant idea, but a necessary short cut home, I was awestruck by a disfigured human form in the distance. Her heavy overcoat created a bestial like shape that hobbled along with too many shopping bags, what appeared to be a clubfoot accompanied by a  walking stick added to the illusion of a man from Dickens London.

A Time To Play, A Time To Pray

There’s a time to play and a time to pray, a time to celebrate and a time to meditate, what time you have, make the most of it.

Stephen's Truth Is In Deetell

The moment you witness Stephen Morallee move into deetell you feel and know that something quite multidimensional has begun.

Arts, Dreams and Matthew

Every once in a while we meet an enigmatic person, that buzz thing which happens when hands are politely shaken and conversation easily draws into an hour of intellectual connection,  laughter and curiosity. In my experience life long friendships have mostly formed in this way, so when I met Matthew Usmar Lauder a few years ago I sensed we would be talking and laughing for years to come.

New Beginnings

After many years working as a personal trainer and massage therapist I have lived the privilege of personal insight into the thoughts, feelings and actions of the every day man and woman. We are all united in our aspirations, hopes and fears, this is an aspect of the beauty of our humanity, our connection to the same Truths.

Sorry Girls, This One Is for the Men

Welcome to the hottest menage a trois you can safely take part in this February.

I’ve collaborated with Attitude Magazine, one of the UK’s leading men’s lifestyle magazines, and the UK’s organically home-grown bodycare apothecary Neal’s Yard Remedies and created a fantastic health and relaxation package for 5 lucky men, sorry girls, this one is for the men.

The Treatment Room is Ready

It’s taken a month of painting, clearing out, wallpaper hunting and fabric gathering, alas we’ve finally completed the Gym Down Under: Private Personal Training Studio and Massage Treatment Room. After spending the past 3 years travelling the globe for a rock super star and then traversing London’s busy streets as a home service personal wellness coach, I’m looking forward to developing a friendly, successful and fun-loving fitness business.