C'est Tout Bon

Living life with a positive connection to self and others is made super easy with a little loving and a lotta knowing that it’s all good.

Comfortably Numb

Inject truth, love, honour, integrity and connection into your veins and consciousness, these are not just words, they are principled constructs that when applied create a truly rewarding and wondrous life.

No Porsche, No Paunch

I was cycling home the other night, gliding silently upon London streets, my legs being the main power source that moved my body, it suddenly dawned upon me that the simplicity of riding a pushbike totally beats driving as I noticed a man in the car next to me sporting a serious paunch stuffed into the confines of his porsche.

All Drugs Have Side Effects

I was hurriedly riding up the Euston Road yesterday and noticed a gathered crowd out front of a pharmaceutical company building of cameramen, reporters and protesters, one placard stood out amongst the others as it read ” ALL DRUGS HAVE SIDE EFFECTS”. We live in a world of addiction and reliance on others for our healing, it’s time to accept our role as self responsible citizens and drug ourselves with love.


Cities have a charge of electric dimension, the random noise creates a crazy kinda Static.

Katy Baggot

As we all run around and lead our busy lives we often forget the simplistic beauty of who we are, the magic of breathe, and the importance of sharing our love with clarity. A  client of mine has suddenly passed away at the tender age of 39, her beauty, her zest for life, all her dreams and aspirations were silently engulfed by her untimely death, a huge void remains where her gorgeousness once physically stood.

Moisture, Bathe and Botox

It is said “true beauty shines from within”, so let’s moisturise our souls,  bathe our thoughts in positivity and botox the demons.

Slap and Tickle

Slaps pain us and Tickles feel great, but which one achieves the desired goal?


These past months have been particularly challenging for many people that I know, it appears that the economic downturn has sent a deep ripple of uncertainty into the consciousness of most of us, even our brave business stalwarts appear rattled.

Body, Mind and Spirit

I believe “a healthy Body creates clarity of Mind, which connects Spirit to the Whole”. We are physical beings, and as such our physical health is hugely important. We must ensure that we exercise regularly, eat fresh whole foods, drink great quality water and get a sound nights sleep (if you can). A body that is strong in muscle tone is able to hold itself in correct posture with ease, recovers quickly from illness or injury and feels ignited with energy as each day arises. Regular exercise increases bone density, ensures strong connective tissues of ligaments and tendons, enhances cardio-respiratory fitness, balances hormonal systems and creates a sense of true self respect.


I sprained my wrist a few weeks ago, it would appear the daily cycling, massaging and strength training schedule overloaded my ligaments, the shock of pain sent hot waves through my forearm as my mind quickly assessed the damage I had just created. As a massage therapist my hands are my work, I take particular care not to injure myself with repetitive muscular strains as is often the reason I may be treating a client, alas my little ligament had enough.

Tina Turner

I have been blessed, this I know is true.