Resurrection or A Detox?

I’m always inspired at this time of year to clear out the old and welcome the new. Sticking with my established philosophy that divine synchronicity says “there’s no such thing as a coincidence” – I am dusting off my crucifix, charity giving old jeans and booking in a meeting with Lily from The Detox Kitchen.

After a wonderful long week-end consuming everything from chocolate eggs to hot cross buns, red wine as sacred blood and crisps as holy flesh my gastric juices are gurgled into a toxified mess.

Alas father I confess, although a personal trainer I do indeed sin with tasty sweet things and even tastier salty delights, like a miracle my water turned to wine and the warm bread somehow smeared itself with lashings of french butter.

The season of Spring to our ancients was celebrated as a time of new beginnings as the flora and fauna re-birthed into fresh harvests and abundance. Our Christian heritage likewise honours the Son of God at this time of year, His life being the ultimate sacrifice as a profound metaphor to change and renewal; for death is to resurrect as new.

Our days and nights now being equal to each other enables us the time to take charge of every aspect of our lives. Spring is to align body with mind and spirit.

Detoxing is in my opinion the modern equivalent to traditional lent or fasting. Our digestive system and over all health responds most positively to changes in our diet, it’s important to reduce the consumption of so many foods that most of us eat daily – the main foods being sugars, wheat, dairy, alcohol and red meats.

Replacing our regular foods with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh herbs, grains, nuts and seeds and by drinking around 1.5 litres of water a day to hydrate and assist elimination will leave you feeling lighter. When one’s body is not busy digesting and breaking down saturated fats and responding to various sugar surges one’s mind is clear and precise.

I’m meeting with Lilly from The Detox Kitchen, her company creates unprocessed and healthy home delivered meals to assist people with their new goals of detoxifying their body and taking charge of their well being for 2012.

I’m happy to sacrifice my old Self for the opportunity of rebirth and renewal, although I’m certain that it takes more than eating my “5 fruit and vegetables a day”.