Crime Against Spine

Achtung mein liebers, it has become increasingly obvious to this personal-training-massage-therapist that our contemporary workplace and lifestyle is creating back posture that your Grandmother would be disgraced with. So, pull in those abdominals, relax the shoulders into neutral and SIT UP STRAIGHT!!

It’s a fact that the computer, it’s desktop, reading books, cycling and steering the wheel of our car creates a forward leaning neck, this requires the activation of the front neck muscles (sternocleidomastoid, scalenes and others) into permanent flexion. While the muscles at the front of the neck become tight, this includes the chest, the muscles at the back of the neck are lengthened and in effect become weak. Put all of that together and one has a rounded upper back, tightened muscularity in the chest, weakened neck and back muscles and tighter hip-flexors than a banjo string.

To make matters worse, most women and the occasional man, wear high heels to work; this creates shortened calf muscles and places the load onto the lumbar spine while tilting the hips forward. Yes, stilettos look hot, just make sure that you stretch everything afterwards as your spine will love you for it.

The answer to this increasing “crime against spine” is to follow a structured abdominal and core programme whilst strengthening the back, chest and arms with an effective exercise plan. When at your desk, keep your feet flat on the floor (if you wear heels just kick them off ), activate your core by maintaining a pulled in belly button, relax the shoulders and when you feel tight walk around and have a little stretch.

Our modern workplace has become great business for massage therapists, I thank you, and yet with a little attention to your individual posture you can easily alleviate pain and most importantly avoid that “degenerated” look.