Crime Against Spine

Achtung mein liebers, it has become increasingly obvious to this personal-training-massage-therapist that our contemporary workplace and lifestyle is creating back posture that your Grandmother would be disgraced with. So, pull in those abdominals, relax the shoulders into neutral and SIT UP STRAIGHT!!

Resurrection or A Detox?

I’m always inspired at this time of year to clear out the old and welcome the new. Sticking with my established philosophy that divine synchronicity says “there’s no such thing as a coincidence” – I am dusting off my crucifix, charity giving old jeans and booking in a meeting with Lily from The Detox Kitchen.

Connect With Me in Light and Love

I have had the privilege of traveling the world and meeting all sorts of  different people doing all sorts of different things. One never knows when a new friend is about to arrive or indeed when an old friend is about to depart; like our great oceans the flowing tides of love and relationship are in constant motion.

The Modern Man: His Grooming Rituals

OK Gentle Men, I’ve been running around the globe for many years, during this time I’ve personally purchased and perused some of the best and worst in male perfumes, skin-care and body care products, haven’t you? As 21st Century men it’s our time to get a true understanding of what our grooming needs are and what they should entail to make the most of oneself. Let’s start this conversation with our biggest organ, and it’s not what you think, it’s your SKIN.

A Massage Today is as Good as Apples

Massage therapy relieves tightened joints, stretches and lengthens shortened postural muscles, increases blood flow and immunity as it assists lymphatic health and rejuvenates tired skin.

Synchronicity Says So

There is no such thing as a coincidence. Circumstance continues to synchronise with all aspects of our existence; this includes our careers, loves, natures evolved beauty, and those apparently random successful and tragic scenarios that permanently impact our lives.

Heart Rate, Heat and the Male Psyche

The Traditional Chinese Medical(TCM) perspective on heat, cold, dry and wet plays an integral role in the health of our contemporary brethren. As a personal trainer I have spent years blasting men’s heart rates to their max, after meeting Robert Ogilive’s acupuncture pins and eyes of wisdom I’ve been snake charmed; it’s time to look at health and fitness from a multi-disciplined approach.


With a straight and newly waxed back the modern man has strengthened core stabilisers, nurtures his relationships, takes charge of his responsibilities and laughs at life’s misfortunes; yes gentlemen, we are the (e)volved Man.

Polly Waffle

As a kid growing up in 1970′s  Australia we ate a chocolate bar called a Polly Waffle and the advertisement sang a tune that ” mmm, crunched, ahhed” ourselves into sugar heaven; memories of childhood laughter, friendship, sunshine and the bliss of eating sweets with silly names lingers well into ones life.

I Am Sand, Sky and Sea

Sitting upon a sand dune, high above the sea; I was caressed by floating cloud puffs, memory, and the love of family.

Free Hugs

Kensington Gardens is more than a Royal Park; as a green oasis within the city it provides the people with space to walk amongst the trees and the swans a pond to bathe with ease, one can also aspire to have  Victoria’s love for Albert, and on a good day, the locals give out Free Hugs, what more could you ask for?

Eye Of The Beholder

It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, perception of  oneself and the world we share is to be respected and mastered for our true beauty to be seen and self actualised.