Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin D – Just a Few of My Favourite Things

As a guy that cycles, massages, strength trains and talks until the organic cows come home – my body is under constant physical stress. I daily advocate to my clients to eat well and include exercise as an integral part of their personal body-mind wellness routine.

Could I be wrong by fitness instructing extra biochemical tension on these already distressed bodies, or can we assist our health with intelligent nutritional guidance?

I met with the Nutritionist, Rachel Temple, she uses her 25 years of nutritional practice with kinesiologic muscle testing to interpret possible deficiencies and dietary intolerance. I’m currently awakening to zinc mouth sprays and magnesium oil after-shower rubs as my urban and contemporary world is decidedly lacking in essential minerals and the all mighty vitamin D.

Zinc assists ALL cellular metabolism including and not exhaustively immune function, protein synthesis, DNA synthesis and wound healing. By consuming oysters, red meat, beans, nuts, seeds, poultry, dairy products, shell-fish and whole grains you will be providing good levels of zinc. It is suggested to add a supplement as most of our soils are depleted of minerals, this in turn affects the mineral levels in our livestock.

Magnesium is the magic mineral of Epsom bath salts, thermal springs and healing waters the world over as it assists the absorption of calcium thus reducing joint inflammation and relaxing connective tissues. Take a bath with it today as it’s topical application penetrates expansively into the circulatory systems and tissues.

Magnesium is a muscle relaxing, nervous system pacifying, blood pressure reducing essential.

The big Daddy of vitamins for us Northern Hemisphere dwellers is vitamin D, most of us lack it as the sun in the UK is only capable of producing it sufficiently for four months of the year (May-August). The high usage of sunscreen as a skin cancer preventative plays a significant role in vitamin D deficiency, one must go into the Light long enough without burning up into it’s brilliance i.e about 20 minutes, then return to the shade – spiritual metaphor intended!

Vitamin D must be taken as a supplement even if one has the advantage of regular jet-setting to sunnier climes.

A daily prescription of vitamin D is essential in the prevention of numerous disorders including osteoporosis, depression, Seasonal Adjustment Disorder, breast, prostate and colon cancer. It also assists the healthy functioning of digestion, reproduction and immunity.

These are but a few of my favourite things and as we are all individually unique within our genetics and environmental surrounds it’s important to have a private consultation with a registered nutritional practitioner.