The Detox Kitchen Is Yum

If the answer is a defined YES, then book yourself one week of the nutritionally balanced, delectable delights offered by the equally vivacious Lily at The Detox Kitchen.

Lily is a highly skilled chef; her brown rice risotto with prawns is a protein packed, smoothly digested and refreshing change from traditional ‘heavy’ feeling risotto. As a personal trainer I loved every meal that I was eating, for the Detox Kitchen provides a daily menu packed with flavour, nutrition, and freshness – to awaken each morning to a home-delivered bag of fresh vegetable juice, wheat grass juice, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks is a gift indeed.

Lily has intelligently collaborated with a nutritionist and created, I believe, one of London’s tastiest detox menus, stick to the program and you will be shining within days. A structured eating plan such as this one provides all of the essential foods, vitamins and minerals to maintain ones energy throughout the day, plus it will assist digestive motions with ease.

At this stage The Detox Kitchen is London based, so calling all Londoners to pick up the phone and get Lily’s food in your body today. Once you’ve spent a week detoxing, you will have acquired some very sound nutritional knowledge, I suggest that one then utilise this awareness for the upcoming weeks and months ahead. By removing sugar, caffeine, saturated fats and bread out of your diet for a few days you will feel an ‘incredible lightness of being’.

When your daily menu has been planned for you and delivered to your front door, it only takes a little will-power to stave off those nasty cravings.

By incorporating a regular detoxifying food plan into your lifestyle you will begin to feel and perhaps see what a difference it makes to your body and mind. Of course then follow it up with a structured and regular exercise plan as that Summer body is gonna need some toning and strengthening too.