Fat or Fit? Are You Mad For It?

I just read an article stating that one can increase their chances of dementia as one increases their waistline; yet another statistic informing the world that we really do have to STOP eating the junk and start accepting responsibility for our health and well being, yet how?

I’ve worked with many people that struggle with the pain of eating everything that they were taught to LOVE – bread, sweets, crisps, flavoured soda drinks, pasta etc. How ironic that the foods we were given as special rewards are now regularly eaten as “gourmet” pizza, luxury desserts, luscious curry sauces and the reward is ill-health.

Our supermarkets TELL US to buy organic as it’s healthier, negating the fact that fat is fat and sugar is stored as fat whether it’s organic or farmed with toxic pesticides.

An hour on a sofa for evening television pleasure is surely fattening as our body/mind complex is stimulated by  negative subliminal messaging; bad furniture ads, chocolate, chocolate ice-creams, improved versions of chocolate classics, alcohol and KFC with chocolate. Do not believe all of the hype of chocolate being good for you, eating sugar every day as part of one’s five a day is a sugar addiction not an addiction to the mood enhancing phenylethylamine as found in dark chocolate.

Try some exercise for increased healthy hormone production.

Demented? I’m sure a high percentage of US are going to be demented as the media we trust in tells us to eat everything white, processed and refined by actor/models that look the picture of health. At the same time we are told that we must exercise and look like celebrities with eating disorders, while being spray tanned orange with glow in the dark teeth. I tell you it’s too much darlings, too much. I’m demented just writing this little blog.

For some sanity, read the food labels, understand your individual dietary needs while making the connection that complex sugars, which are good for you, are found in oats, rye, wholemeal and brown rice. Exercise as often as your time-poor schedule may allow, this will give one a sense of peace and serenity after those stressful cortisol hormones have been surging through the veins all day.

I guarantee you will be sane and sorted by listening to your own body. Your mind and spirit aligns marvelously with daily applications of physical activity and healthy eating. Unlike me today, do not read sensationalistic media for dietary and life-style advice it’s often contradictory and most faddish.