Eggs Glorious Eggs

I know the importance of a ‘clean’ protein diet as I’m constantly cycling, massaging and running (literally) around. Eggs have always made me feel good; they sate a hungry appetite, they’re full of essential minerals and vitamins, including vitamin D which is one of the most important vitamins to maintain during the winter months and those essential amino acids will keep you nicely lean.

For many years governmental boards insisted that eggs are ‘rotten’ for us, this bad egg campaign was due to the high fat content in the yolk; remember that even though the yolks contain fat, the yolk is also where all of those essential vitamins and minerals are, one must balance their diet with healthy fats and understand that by reducing overall dietary fats that the build up of cholesterol will be minimised. I suggest that eating eggs a few times a week is in fact quite healthy; by skipping the packaged crisps, biscuits and cakes you will keep tight and trim. The egg white or albumen is high in clean and lean protein, an egg white omelette with spinach is a great source of protein and iron.

Eggs are a whole food as they contain protein, vitamins, minerals and fat, and they are safely stored in their own shell.

Eggs look great in a basket on your kitchen bench and even better when they’ve been quickly prepared for a fast and nutritious meal. Here’s a little site that I found which says it all; have a read about the nutritional value of this whole food and enjoy their great taste as a part of your healthy eating plan.

Have you got a yummy recipe that includes eggs? Send it to me and I will share it with my friends and family.