Malcolm Stansfield – An Angel in Our Sky

Friendships are formed by an electrical charge that zaps two people into a wondrous relationship, some people have that extra ‘thing’ going on; Malcolm Stansfield your brightness as a man now shines as a heavenly star, your laughter, your generosity of spirit and stunning charisma radiates so much warmth in many hearts.

Evelyn Bosansky – a Russian Doll

I awoke to a beautiful summer day on Monday, ready for a new week, my joy was fogged by shock as I was told that a dear long-standing friend died suddenly on Sunday, her name is Evelyn Bosansky and she was a fabulous force who will be sadly missed.

Dog Wags Tail as I Bleed

I just experienced the best and worst of humanity and canine. My early morning personal training session to Mayfair was cancelled as my bleeding limbs meant nothing to a pack of screaming blood-thirsty dog walkers in Kensington Gardens.


Laudanum was the opioid of the 19th Century, it is an opium extract that contained morphine as it democratically soothed and anaesthetised the poor, the middle-class and aristocratic alike.

News Flash

Live your Truth and make the headlines. We live in a time of Mass Media Manipulation, we are spun the stories every day of how to live and how to think; like unsuspecting innocents we now realise that the candied threads stuck to our existence are webbed by a corporate arachnoid.

Resurrection Anyone?

This is the best time of the year to position our new goals and to take action. Spring gives birth to new beginnings as seasonal changes bring forth bursts of colour and fragrance, not just in our gardens, but also within our minds, relationships and choices.

Crying For Mothers Milk

I just spent a day at a workshop hosted by Caroline Myss, spiritual teacher, historian, medical intuitive, an Original mind. Boy does this girl throw some punches, her wrathful compassion like that of a Zen master challenged the audience to stop crying for mothers milk, be present and grow up, my infantile limbs were tickled to attention.

Collective Awakening

We are living in a time of rapid evolution as our technology, intelligence and spirituality is gathering a momentum like no other time in human history; so fasten those seat-belts to body, mind and spirit as it’s gonna be a bumpy ride folks.

Living On The Luxe Of Lapsury

Even though the recession is digging into the depths of my pockets; I’m still finding loose change.


I just spent 10 days as a server and a meditator upon the rugged lands of Dhamma; to be equanimous is to be objective of every sensation our human experience entails; breath,thought, emotion, memory, and physicality stimulate our six senses.

I, Me, My, Self

Ever peered into the looking glass and wondered who you really are? Personal identity and authentic living are essential for the modern Integrated Man and Woman, take another look and you will see that you are all and one as I, Me, My, Self.

Wake The Funk Up

Being wakeful enables you to approach each days meaningful challenges with gusto, it’s meaningless chores are completed quickly, and ultimately ensures that you have the rhythm of being Alive dancing through your veins; rub the fairy dust from those sleepy eyes and wake the Funk up.