Fitties Fornicate, Yet Fatties Have More Fun

We live in an era of a ‘Body Aesthetic Tyranny’- it’s the fashion of our time.

Self-acceptance, acceptance of others and understanding that fat and fit have equal roles within our wondrous and complex society is the intelligent way for us to approach our collective health and well being.

None of us can escape the deluge of media images dictating how we should look, how to get that look and how to maintain the look for longer than a photo-shoot. Trust me, it’s truly challenging to maintain the body beautiful… even more so after 40.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting men and women from every walk of life; this includes assisting the fit and the fat with their individual goals. I’ve witnessed the heartfelt motivations, the obsessions, the insecurities, both the inflated and deflated ego all attempting to alter their outward appearance in hope of a more fulfilling life. Refreshingly, some people sit back and laugh at their man boobs as they book another relaxing massage treatment.

It’s a fact that the fitter one is, the more balanced ones hormones are; fit men surely fornicate more (not conclusive science, just my observation) as their testosterone levels run high and a muscular body desires to share his form pressed against others. Men are the peacocks of the human species, as such they oft times display a deep need for external approval, this may include the admiration of other men at the gym, football field, beach or dance-floor.

All of this fitness focus can knock the fun out of a guy, how many times have you been amongst the company of the ‘beautiful’ without a smile or a relaxed and fun attitude? I have on many occasions and insist that we all eat pizza.

Some of us are healthy, some extremely fit, while others prefer the finer pleasures in life. It’s rather relaxing to be around people who have a genuine exuberance for life, those folks who are happy within themselves and share their love, willingly share their favourite foods and don’t apologise for eating another portion.

Judgment should be left to our heavenly entry, not scripture written as gospel by glossy magazines and mainstream media.

Self-acceptance is to understand that some people will always be beautifully plump while others make it their mission to be as strong and virile as possible. Either is fine as long as within one’s heart the motivation is truth, self-worth and a genuine perception that everything you do is “because I’m worth it”.