A Healthier Attitude

As grown up and responsible adults we owe it to ourselves and our community to live life happily and to its fullest; make your smile radiate its truthful beauty with a balanced life of exercise, eating well and a positive attitude.

A healthy guy or girl knows to look good is to feel good, a real challenge when February’s winter chill snap freezes our skin and perhaps makes our emotions a little frosty at 4 degrees. Even more reason to honour ones body and being with an exercise plan and nutritious eating.

Let’s define you some structure and make Mondays your legs and butt training day, you are going to follow a strict 6 weeks of regular training and remember that your body requires constant change to keep it stimulated so rejig your schedule after 6 weeks. For a great lower body training programme view my ‘Lower Body Workout’, I promise it will give you buns of steel that look good enough to eat.

Map out the 6 weeks ahead and designate a particular body part for each day of your working week or weekend, you will keep focused on a main muscle group for each session then add your cardiovascular training and stretching routine. I like to spend at least one training session of 30 minutes a week just on stretching, when your body has been stretched it will release tight and shortened muscles and connective tissues plus those subtle emotional tensions too.

You are what you eat, Hippocrates was onto something, we are made of cells within cells, you will look at your food and beverages as being your cellular structure, it makes sense huh? For 6 weeks stay focused on eating fresh fruit and vegetables, lean cuts of meat, fish and poultry, replace the snack foods with herbal teas, nuts and low fat options. Remember that your body is an intelligent structure that requires nutrients to move and breathe and yet it can’t distinguish between dehydration and hunger, drink at least one litre of water a day, some of your food cravings may indeed be thirst.

Be clear with regular exercise and eating well, you will discover if you’ve not already, that positive hormones are released by training
and healthy foods simply assists smooth digestive flow.

An honest and healthy attitude gives you the power to have a real attitude of self worth and positivity, how alluring, not to be confused with bad attitude found almost anywhere. So stay focused and feel the results as you begin to look after the most precious thing you have, YOU!