Ecto? Endo? Meso? Know Your Somatype?

Ecto? Endo? Meso? Know Your Somatype?

SOMA is the body as distinguished by the mind, TYPING is a classification process; somatyping was created by a psychologist in the 1940′s and is a truthful and effective way to understand your unique genetic factors in body and mind to fine tune your health and well-being.

You are going to be one of 5 different types of body, this will define your natural physical characteristics, your dietary tendencies and the effects of living a sedentary life will differ.

An Ecto-morph is the classic long and skinny muscle, you may be tall or short, yet your musculature will be quite fine. Your movements are often fast, you will have  a propensity to do everything quickly which may include running, cycling and other activities that require fast bursts of energy. You may mistake your slimness with healthiness and think that you can eat anything without putting on weight.

Ecto-morphs will improve their body shape by applying a structured strength training programme 2 times a week with focus given on compound movements such as lunges, squats, push-ups and side lunges. Eat good fats in avocado, nuts, seeds, cold water fish, and try to avoid sweets and processed snacks as your nature is to grab at food for quick fixes.

Endo-morphs are often mistaken as heavy boned, they have a natural curviness and will always have to observe their foods as simple sugars will tend to be stored as body-fat rather than being used for energy. A diet of complex carbohydrates as in rye, oats, brown rice, vegetables is essential. Always eat protein with a meal such as an egg for breakfast, lean chicken at lunch and fish with vegetables for dinner. Replace sweets with fresh fruit of small portion sizes.

Your training sessions achieve results by completing longer times, so aim for 45-60 minutes of cardiovascular training that includes powerwalks or cycling and do circuit classes of high repetition with moderate weights to increase fitness and longer fat burning cycles. You are naturally strong, as such, try a pilates class for increased core strengthening.

Meso-morphs are the natural athletes who will put on extra pounds easily yet will take them off just as quickly. Food is important to a meso-morph as your high lean muscle mass will equal a fast metabolism, so watch those calories by eating lots of fresh fish, nuts, seeds, lean meat and fruit and vegetables. Avoid the take-out foods as the fats will hinder your gorgeousness from truly shining through.

Meso-morphs love to exercise, walk, run, cycle and respond magnificently to regular strength training sessions of moderate to heavy weights; the women are best to keep the weights moderate and the repetition high as you are the Madonna of health and exercise. Change you training routine regularly as your body will adapt very quickly to movement patterns; you are stimulated by variety.

Some of us are a combination, let this be clear, you can be an Ecto-Meso or an Endo-Meso and never an Ecto-Endo.

By identifying your body type you will enhance your awareness of  the specifics to your ultimate health, and how to approach your training plans. We are all unique, one prescription is not for all. Have fun with identifying yourself and run or walk toward your freaking fabulous health.