Austere Measures For The Waistline

Austere Measures For The Waistline

The recession is ON and we all feel the pinch in our pockets, yet how many of us are feeling the pinch of our waistbands as we squeeze into last years jeans? Austere times are calling for us to reconsider our monetary systems, perhaps we should be reconsidering our life style and personal values too.

It is has become rather obvious, at least to this personal trainer, that as our lives have increased in real estate value these past 20 years, the average waistline has too. Sticking to my theory of “there’s no such thing as a coincidence”, I suggest that as we take charge of our purse strings we may also reduce the bulge on the g-string.

The food of a poor man 100 years ago has become the staple diet of the wealthy and the well-informed.

Essential foods to eat are whole grains, nuts, seeds, oats, legumes – yes, the food of farmers; rich in complex carbohydrates and trace minerals to ensure sustained energy throughout the working day while maintaining healthy homeostasis as those minerals assist all kinds of hormonal functions. Water, filtered is preferred as our city pipes are kinda rusty and laced with chlorine, is the ideal thirst quencher and by selecting seasonal fruits and vegetables for increased fibre, minerals and essential vitamins one can add extra goodness just like Grandpa did as a boy.

When drafting up the weekly budget place into your action plan the idea that alcohol is for celebration as opposed to habit, this is a guarantee to save some cash as well as lessen the calorie consumption. The working men and women of yesteryear were too busy ‘doing’ to afford the idea of ‘being’ at the local pub or dining hall, let alone ‘sitting’ in front of a television at the end of a non-stop day.

We live in a time of governmental suggestions of austerity, and yet we still have a huge range of choice.

I’m sensing that this period of time can best be used to simplify many aspects of how we live; it’s no easy task to deny things that were once a well-deserved treat. I regularly design food plans that present chocolates, wine, fresh french bread and puddings as being given as dietary rewards rather than daily dietary essentials.

Austere and structured dietary measures will create healthy results as one reduces a bulging waistline and hopefully ease some pressure on the weekly shopping bill too.