Ecto? Endo? Meso? Know Your Somatype?

Ecto? Endo? Meso? Know Your Somatype?

SOMA is the body as distinguished by the mind, TYPING is a classification process; somatyping was created by a psychologist in the 1940′s and is a truthful and effective way to understand your unique genetic factors in body and mind to fine tune your health and well-being.

Abul the Sage @ Sainsbury’s

Abul the Sage @ Sainsbury’s

My Sunday morning Sainsbury’s breakfast purchase of smoked salmon, eggs, avocado and the flatmates’ Cadbury Flake replacement(it demanded to be flaked while late night viewing of Burlesque) was the most inspiring Sunday Service.

Austere Measures For The Waistline

Austere Measures For The Waistline

The recession is ON and we all feel the pinch in our pockets, yet how many of us are feeling the pinch of our waistbands as we squeeze into last years jeans? Austere times are calling for us to reconsider our monetary systems, perhaps we should be reconsidering our life style and personal values too.

The Detox Kitchen Is Yum

If the answer is a defined YES, then book yourself one week of the nutritionally balanced, delectable delights offered by the equally vivacious Lily at The Detox Kitchen.

Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin D – Just a Few of My Favourite Things

As a guy that cycles, massages, strength trains and talks until the organic cows come home – my body is under constant physical stress. I daily advocate to my clients to eat well and include exercise as an integral part of their personal body-mind wellness routine.

Fat or Fit? Are You Mad For It?

I just read an article stating that one can increase their chances of dementia as one increases their waistline; yet another statistic informing the world that we really do have to STOP eating the junk and start accepting responsibility for our health and well being, yet how?

Eggs Glorious Eggs

I know the importance of a ‘clean’ protein diet as I’m constantly cycling, massaging and running (literally) around. Eggs have always made me feel good; they sate a hungry appetite, they’re full of essential minerals and vitamins, including vitamin D which is one of the most important vitamins to maintain during the winter months and those essential amino acids will keep you nicely lean.

Chew The Fats

Good fats and bad fats are in all of our foods, learning the difference between them, and understanding how the body processes these essential nutrients is fundamental to healthy food planning,  so let’s go!

Calorific Fluff

Every body needs them as they are our energy system and assist our bodies to move and burn,  but why do so many people eat them until their waistlines bulge over their belts? I tell you, it’s all calorific fluff.

Fitties Fornicate, Yet Fatties Have More Fun

We live in an era of a ‘Body Aesthetic Tyranny’- it’s the fashion of our time.

Self-acceptance, acceptance of others and understanding that fat and fit have equal roles within our wondrous and complex society is the intelligent way for us to approach our collective health and well being.

Are You Metabolically Inflexible?

This Wiki quote on the effects of exercise got me thinking, “Physical exercise has been shown to benefit a wide range of  mammals, as well as salmon, crocodiles and one species of bird. However, several studies have shown that lizards display no benefit from exercise, leading them to be termed “metabolically inflexible” “.

A Healthier Attitude

As grown up and responsible adults we owe it to ourselves and our community to live life happily and to its fullest; make your smile radiate its truthful beauty with a balanced life of exercise, eating well and a positive attitude.