Abul the Sage @ Sainsbury’s

My Sunday morning Sainsbury’s breakfast purchase of smoked salmon, eggs, avocado and the flatmates’ Cadbury Flake replacement(it demanded to be flaked while late night viewing of Burlesque) was the most inspiring Sunday Service.

Abul is an enlightened man and cashier, he greeted me with a knowing smile as His kindness ensured that I was to have a happy day. His face and eyes are radiant, like all whose joy comes from within.

As he was scanning my bananas I asked “why are you so happy?” Abul stated in a very matter of fact style that “we do not know how long we will live, so if this is to be my last hour – I prefer to die happy”. My curiosity at his parentage begged me to ask more “are your parents Gurus?” Abul peacefully replied that he is his parents’ teacher.

WOW – I know the real deal when I have the pleasure of meeting those rare individuals. Abul at the Ladbroke Grove Tube Station Sainsbury’s is a man on the path, the Light streams out of his beauty and serenity. If you ever need some assistance with your spiritual grocery shopping pop on down to the Grove, this man will price-match your soul.


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